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Unraveling The Mystery Of Slime: Guarding Your HVAC System With Energy Performance Solutions

Slime can be fun for kids to play with, but it’s not something you want to see in your HVAC system. Not only can slime decrease an air conditioner’s efficiency, but it can also negatively impact your indoor air quality. Let’s look deeper at what slime is, its causes, and how Energy Performance Solutions can help you prevent it.

Dark, light, and medium greens swirling together to evoke slime

What Slime Is And Its Causes:

Slime formation in air conditioning units is often associated with mold, algae, or bacteria growth in the moist and dark environments within the system. Here's a basic explanation of how slime can form in AC units:

  1. Moisture: Air conditioning units remove moisture from the air to cool it down. However, in the process, some moisture may still remain within the system, especially in areas where water can accumulate.

  2. Dark and Warm Spaces: The inside of AC units provides a dark environment that can be relatively warm, especially when the unit is not in use. These conditions are favorable for the growth of microorganisms.

  3. Dirt and Debris: Dust, dirt, and other particles can accumulate in the AC unit, providing nutrients for microorganisms. These particles can also trap moisture, creating a conducive environment for slime formation.

  4. Lack of Airflow: Inefficient airflow within the unit can lead to stagnant water, promoting mold and algae growth. This is often the case in areas with poor ventilation or where the AC unit is improperly maintained.

  5. Condensate Drain Issues: The condensate drain line in an AC unit is responsible for removing excess water. If there are blockages or the line is not functioning correctly, water can accumulate, creating conditions for slime growth.

How CoilSafe And CoilSafe Plus Prevent Slime:

CoilSafe is an advanced inorganic coating designed to eliminate any potential food sources on surfaces, hindering the breeding and growth of unwanted organisms. Taking it a step further, CoilSafe Plus incorporates an active anti-microbial agent that prevents microbial organisms from thriving and actively attacks and eradicates them upon contact with coil or drain pan surfaces. This dual-action protection ensures a sterile environment, preventing the initiation of any microbial growth.

Other Ways To Prevent Slime:

To prevent slime formation in AC units, it's important to practice regular maintenance, including cleaning or replacing air filters, checking and cleaning the condensate drain line, and ensuring proper ventilation. Additionally, using UV lights or other air purification systems within the unit can help inhibit the growth of microorganisms. If slime has already formed, it may require thorough cleaning and, in some cases, professional assistance to address the issue effectively. Regular maintenance ensures your air conditioning system's optimal performance and cleanliness.

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