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The Primary Products Used And Trusted By Our Professionals

Coilsafe project for UCSF Medical.JPG


A siloxane coating to protect HVACR coils and equipment from corrosive elements

With CoilSafe, your HVACR equipment will experience a fully extended coil life and maintain a factory energy efficiency rating for much longer.

Coilsafe chiller field coating project.HEIC


Protect your coils and keep their surfaces clean and healthy

CoilSafe Plus is an antimicrobial siloxane coating designed to protect HVACR coils and equipment from corrosive elements while boosting the IAQ of your facility.

Dual coating project - El Toro - Clute.HEIC


A spray applied thermal barrier which, in its simplest definition, could be described as an “energy saving paint”

When dry, ThermalBlock looks just like flat latex paint yet conserves energy. Technically, this coating formulation is a high-performance thermal barrier that incorporates ceramic technology to prevent the transfer of heat and cold. Energy Performance Solutions uses ThermalBlock in our coating applications on HVACR cabinets, ductwork, and rooftops.

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