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Coilsafe chiller field coating project


An Advanced Coating With Proven Results

CoilSafe Plus is an antimicrobial siloxane coating formulated to protect HVACR coils and equipment from corrosive elements. Protect your coils while promoting clean and healthy coil surfaces.


• 4,000 hours of ASTM B117 salt fog testing and multiple field applications
• Passed 4,000-hour ASTM G85 acidified salt fog testing
• Antimicrobial- passed ASTM G21 fungi exposure testing – zero growth
• ISO – 22196 – Bacterial testing
• ISO – 21702:2019 – Viral testing
• UVC – 900 hr. test – pass -no coating surface change
• Thin dry film, 10 to 15 microns
• Does not reduce heat transfer
• Covalent bonding for a long life of the coating and protected surface
• Broad heat application range, up to 1,800° F
• May be applied in the field for new or existing systems or at the coating center
• Glass-like surface repels moisture, oils, and dirt
• Increases equipment life and energy performance over the life of the unit
• In-organic: will not support the growth of mold
• 50% harder than epoxy, yet flexible for expansion/contraction of surfaces
• Low VOC

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