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An Advanced Coating That Offers Proven Results

CoilSafe is an antimicrobial siloxane coating to protect HVACR coils and equipment from corrosive elements.


• 4,000 hours of ASTMB117 salt fog testing and multiple field applications
• Passed 4,000-hour ASTM G85 acidified salt fog testing
• Antimicrobial- passed ASTM G21 fungi exposure testing
• Thin, dry film,10 to15 microns
• Does not reduce heat transfer
• Covalent bonding for a long life of the coating and protected surface
• Broad heat application range, up to 1,800° F
• May be applied in the field for new or existing systems or at the coating center
• Glass-like surface repels moisture, oils, and dirt
• Increases equipment life and energy performance over the life of the unit
• UV stable
• In-organic: will not support the growth of mold
• 50% harder than epoxy, yet flexible for expansion/contraction of surfaces
• Low VOC

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