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A Trane rooftop air-handler coated in ThermalBlock


Anywhere Heat Or Cold Presents A Problem, ThermalBlock Is The Solution

ThermalBlock can be used to help seal the “envelope” of any residential or commercial structure, thereby reducing to a minimum the loss of energy through the structure. Apply ThermalBlock on roofs (including existing or asphalt shingles) to repel the sun’s radiant energy, dramatically lower the roof and attic temperature, and decrease the heat-island effect of dark roofs. Add ThermalBlock to both interior and exterior building walls to improve the building’s “sealant” quotient, reduce and/or eliminate thermal bridges, and enhance the effectiveness of base load insulation. Insulate any exposed piping (geothermal hydronic copper infrastructure) to keep heat in, ensure protection from over-exposure, and eliminate condensation.

ThermalBlock For HVACR Air-Handler Cabinet Coating And More

• Modular Classrooms
• Mobile Homes
• Primer/topcoat on sheetrock
• Plastic
• Concrete
• Steel containers
• Steel
• Wood
• Storage tanks
• Silos
• R/V & camper tops
• Cars/trucks/ busses
• Glass, skylights
• Steel beams &framing
• Railroad cars
• Boat interior hulls

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