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What’s Available

Large HVAC coils in a shop being coated to improve efficiency


Energy Performance Solutions provides the highest quality coating products for all types of HVACR systems. We offer condenser and evaporator coil coatings for corrosion protection as well as cabinet coating for corrosion or thermal protection. Our products are fully ASTM, UL, and ISO tested to assure the highest level of product and service.

HVAC units on the Gulf Coast exposed to salt air, coated with CoilSafe to reduce corrosion


Energy Performance Solutions can deliver shop or field coating projects in one-third of the time as is typically required for a factory coating option and outperform the corrosion protection and energy efficiency provided by factory coating products. We provide coating services for any HVACR system, from the smallest mini splits to the largest package chillers or air handlers. We offer the only ISO-tested, fully antimicrobial coating for evaporator coils to control the growth of bacteria and viruses, protect indoor air surfaces, and provide cleaner and healthier surfaces.

HVAC unit being coated with CoilSafe in a shop to improve efficiency and reduce corrosion


For over 14 years, Energy Performance Solutions has provided protective coating services for over 100,000 systems. We have worked with almost every HVACR manufacturer to provide the best equipment life and efficiency for their customers. We also work with mechanical contractors and manufacturers to resolve warranty issues and prevent future problems. Our customers have been well satisfied with our services and our 45+ years of HVACR experience to help solve problems.

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