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The Impact Of UV Exposure

Updated: Jan 3

UV exposure can negatively affect HVACR systems, such as breaking down paint on cabinets and even breaking down metals over time, causing them to become brittle or fail due to corrosive effects.

Many paints and specialty coatings in today's market have some level of UVA and UVB testing for longevity. For paint applied to air-handler cabinets, this is sufficient. There are specialty coatings for the condenser and evaporator coils to protect them against corrosion.

In the post-COVID-19 environment that we currently live and work in, many facility owners and customers are concerned about recirculating air in buildings and the health of the air inside the building. Many mechanical/electrical devices have been designed to improve indoor air quality (IAQ). All of these require modifications to the unit, consume more energy, and require ongoing maintenance.

Currently, a few antimicrobial coatings on the market have passed ASTM G21 testing for fungal growth. Further testing is required to ensure truly antimicrobial surfaces if you are considering an antimicrobial coating for healthy evaporator coil surfaces.

Coat Zone has developed a fully antimicrobial coating for evaporator coils and HVACR surfaces in the indoor air path. CoilSafe Plus was developed to provide healthy surfaces for indoor air. Independent testing includes ASTM B117 – 6,000 hrs., ASTM G85 – 4,000 hrs., G21 zero fungal growth, ISO-22196 bacterial growth, 99.5% kill rate, ISO-21702:2019 viral testing, 99.8% kill rate tested against live COVID SARS 2 and UVC exposure testing 900 hrs.

When considering a protective coating for coils, it is important that all of this testing has been done to determine the efficacy of the coating for microbial control and the extended life cycle of the coating to protect the surfaces and provide a long-term healthy surface.

Contact our experts to learn more and start protecting your HVACR system today.

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