Siloxane coatings provide industry leading corrosion control, mold control and enhance energy performance of any heating or cooling coil. While most coatings are 3 to 6 mils thick, Siloxane coatings are 6 to 8 microns thick, with a U factor of approximately .007. This allows us to provide the highest level of protection for the coils and maintain and enhance the energy performance of the coil. We have been able to double the expected life of coils in some coastal environments.

Facility Surfaces

Our products allow us to provide solutions for many common issues faced by facility professionals. We have the ability to provide protection of any type of metal surface for rust and corrosion issues. We provide Ceramic coatings for roofs to enhance the life cycle and to provide a tremendous reduction of radiant load from the sun’s exposure. Cooling tower and water basin coatings are available.

Cooling tower structure, basins, external piping, ductwork, HVAC coils and many other situations or surfaces, are what we help our customers to address and to achieve the maximum life cycle and efficiency possible for their equipment.

Product Sheets: